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Happy Single: Angie Ford

Zodiac Sign - Leo
Where were you born? I was born and raised in Panama City, Panama, and came to the USA on a full basketball scholarship. I played for and graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana.

I know that you travel a lot for you job.  What do you do for a living? I am a Sr. Program Manager. I started my career as a Software Engineer and now I am in management.  I have been at my company for 25 years and my job allows me to travel and live abroad. I have worked or lived in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, India, Thailand, and Japan.

That’s impressive. How are you able to work in so many countries?   I speak several languages - Spanish, English and Portuguese – which allow me to get project assignments in many different regions of the world. And, I am willing to travel. I enjoy seeing different places.

Your favorite country and why? Chile, because I have made great friends there and the work was a big milestone for me. I was able to meet important political people and I had an opportunity to visit many of the natural and beautiful places in this country.  I visited the Patagonia Region, saw and climbed the glaciers and had an experience of a lifetime.  I describe my experiences in my photo journal website listed below.  After you read it, you will see exactly why I LOVE Chile.

You are also an artist.  Yes, I am also the owner of Foto Magia Photography, LLC Studios, an in home photography studio.  I developed a passion for photography while in college, and I worked for my college yearbook.  My travels allow me to capture some great photos too, which I love sharing with family and friends. Taking pictures lets them feel my experiences and lets them see the blessings that my eyes have been able to see. I also document my travels in short journals, which I post on websites along with the photos.  For example: http:\\

What a wonderful hobby! I have seen some of your work and you are extremely gifted. Do you have other hobbies? I like to cycle, cook, play basketball and salsa dancing. I love being outdoors and enjoying nature.
Also I enjoy interior decorating, doing home improvements, as well as gardening. I love riding my Harley Davidson too. Reading is another pleasure that I do enjoy.  My favorite authors are Joel Osteen, John Grisham and Paulo Coelho.

Angie, you are a wonderful combination of beauty and brains.  If I asked 10 friends to describe you, what would they say and why? My friends would say that I am extremely giving because I am always thinking about the next person. I got that from my mom. She was always thinking about and helping the neighbors. She always made sure that everybody had food and what they needed. My friends have nicknamed me the “philanthropist” J.

I know we all desire a healthy relationship but what has being single taught you about yourself and about love?  I have learned that I need to be open and ready for anything to allow my destiny to fulfill itself. It has also taught me to be patient with myself and others .  I have learned that love should be easy and not forced. When love is to be, it will just flow.  Just like dancing with the right partner, no toes are stepped on and you just glide with the music and in synch. Although, you won't always agree while in love, you will know when to concede.

You mentioned destiny. What’s your destiny?  My destiny is to make sure that I see the world, to see everything that is natural and beautiful. Seeing the 7 Wonders of the World is on my bucket list –  I have 3 down, and I have 4 more go.

What do you love about being in relationship? I love having that sounding board to bounce things off of and I love sharing my experiences. I love sharing my family because I have an awesome family who loves me. I also love having my own family unit because family is everything for me.  I love kids and have gravitated towards people with children.  I love the holidays and being in a relationship during the holidays for me is the best feeling.

What do you find difficult? My traveling for work has made it difficult to be in a relationship.  It is hard to find someone willing to support my extended absences. My travel schedule is not fixed and I have to be flexible and available to hit the road at any moment when duty calls because all of my projects are abroad. Therefore, I need someone who can understand that and willing to accompany me whenever possible.  Seeing the world with a "special one" would be great too because there is a lot out there to see.  But, it requires that I have a solid relationship that is built on trust for it to work.

I understand. I travel weekly for work too. Many women say that they can handle the traveling, but about month 3 or 4 it gets hard. What type of women do you feel may best handle the demands of your job and your travel schedule?  I am looking for someone confident in who they are and what they want in a partnership.  Someone that is able and willing to communicate even when things are difficult.  A woman, who is open-minded, likes or wants to travel, family oriented, and loves the holidays. I want her to be loving and committed for the long run.

How are you or how have you prepared yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically for a partner? I have taken the time to analyze previous relationships and why they have ended, what worked and what didn’t.  I have also learned what I really want from a relationship and I have learned to compromise.  I have become a lot more patient with myself and others. After my last partnership ended, I decided to go to counseling to better understand me.  I also turned to God for guidance and read “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. I started reading a lot more from Joel Osteen and establishing a strong connection with God.  A connection that has lead me daily and has allowed me to take one day at a time living in peace knowing that He has my back.

Over the years, how has dating changed for our community? With the introduction of social media and the internet, dating has become a game.  You can say it has its advantages and disadvantages because you can easily connect with a wide range of people in a matter of seconds (by creating a profile on a dating service) versus having to go somewhere physically to meet people. You can have conversations to discover each other, which is great.  But, at the same time, it can deceitful because people are not honest with the information they post.

So what’s your advice about dating via the internet? You just have to be mindful and careful while
dating. You have to put in the time and effort to really know someone and not just fall for physical appearances. Bottom line, be selective and know what your deal-breakers are and don't settle for less than you deserve.

What are your deal breakers? Infidelity is my deal breaker.  I don’t understand the reason why people are unfaithful.  If you are no longer interested in the relationship, you should be able to communicate about it and make decisions to part.  Don’t part emotionally prior to doing it physically because being unfaithful leaves others with so many questions. Questions that most likely are never really answered, and that is not fair.  I can openly say that I have never been unfaithful to anyone.  I know when to say it is not working for me anymore, and then work out a transition regardless of how difficult it may be for both.  Treating someone who I claim to love and respect is a must until the end.

What did you have to “give up” to be in relationship? Some friendships, because they weren't understanding that my priorities had changed, and that I was evolving and forming a family unit. When children are involved, my time is very limited, especially, with my travel schedule.  When I was home, it was all about my partner and my family, and all the hanging out took a back seat. Eventually, those folks recognized what I was doing and we were able to reconnect.  But, in a different way, which is good too!

What do you believe you have to give up or be willing to compromise to be in a relationship now?  I would have to give up always being the “decision-maker” and allow the other person to take the lead.  This is something that I am well aware of and willing to do.

How important is spirituality? Spirituality is the foundation of a great relationship. Having a relationship with God is very important to me.  It is not about denomination, but about believing in a higher being.  I grew up Catholic and my mother is a die-hard Catholic, as well as my sisters.  I have opted for a Christian church with a strong bible base.  I also love Joel Osteen and would love to visit his church in Houston (that is on my bucket list). I start my day reading Joel's daily prayer and my daily devotional "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young.  This sets the tone for my day.

You do a lot for the community work. How did you start Screen on the Green and how did you get involved with DOWAP? I try to be in tuned with my community, no matter where I live.  I strongly believe in giving back because someone gave to me for me to get to where I am today.  Therefore, I created DOWAP (Dining Out With A Purpose), a dining club that meets bi-monthly. We dine together and the restaurant gives 20% of what is spent to the charity organization assigned for that month.  Thus far, every event has been successful and we continue to grow.  We have a Facebook page, T-Shirts and a solid following.  I would like to see this grow into a national initiative because it is an effortless way to give back to the community.  We already go out to eat, so why not do it with a purpose?

 Also on my 40th birthday I decided to give back to my family and friends by having a movie under the stars in the backyard.  It was such a fun event that I have continued to do it every Spring for the past six years.  All you have to do is bring a lawn chair, snack and something to drink.  I also try to promote independent films during the Screen On The Green season.  It is also a great way for us to stay connected, as friends and family.

What do you most admire about yourself and why? I admire my quick thinking ability because it keeps me going to the next challenge, and I love a challenge.  I am very expressive and have no problems showing my emotions. I love that about myself because you know exactly what you get with me. I love my smile because I know it is contagious and there’s nothing better than making someone else smile with you. I also love the fact that I am a good teacher. I love sharing information with others and providing training (part of my professional responsibilities) because the moment you can clearly see that the knowledge transfer is working is very fulfilling.

What words best describes you and why? “Thoughtful” is the one word that I think describes me.  I always thinking about someone else and how to support or help them.  I get that from my parents.  They were both always taking care of other people and supporting them. Another word would be “Smart”. I think outside the box and I am a problem solver by nature.  I thank my Mom for helping me develop my analytical skills by buying me a set of Legos when they first came out.  I would spend hours building things, measuring, connecting wires (getting shocked too) to come up with a creation. 

Angie Ford (Interview conducted by SharRon Jamison)

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