Tuesday, November 25, 2014

10 Days of Gratitude: Day 4 - Gratitude By Yvette D. Bennett


G”rateful for all of the people on my journey who have loved me, left me, taught me, hurt me, healed me, lifted me up, woke me up, showed up AND cut up when needed; past, present and those yet to come in my future.

R”adiating the joy and happiness that I experience in my life daily; hoping that it is infectious enough to make a positive impact in the lives of anyone that I come in contact with, directly or indirectly.

A”ccepting each day as it challenges me to become a better person; to love, be honest, forgiving, honor authenticity, to grow, be vulnerable, live with passion, pay it forward and “live” my life on purpose, with purpose.

T”ransforming my life, the lives that I touch and the lives that touch me by allowing myself to be open to the universal process of giving and receiving positive love, light and energy in every form. Knowing that I am a constant work in progress, constantly evolving, ever changing, and will continue to learn and grow with each coming day.

I”nner peace is always my ultimate goal; never allowing the outer distractions of the world to take control of my mind, body and spirit. Daily Meditation is a part of my process. I positively changed my thoughts, I changed my words, I changed my actions, so I changed my life.

T”hankful for the ability to remain humble and I’m blessed to have those around me who are humble, human and real; allowing me to live in my truth as they live in theirs. 

U”nderstanding that everything in my life happens for a reason and to teach me a lesson. Understanding that some of the souls that come along the way are not meant to stay. They come to teach me something that I may not have gotten without them. It is my duty, OUR duty to “get” the lessons along our journey, learn from them and continue to grow from and with love.

D”iscovery of self is never ending. The people that come into my life and the experiences that I encounter today will shape and mold me into who I am to become next week, next month, next year, and for the remainder of my days on earth; learning things about myself that I have not yet realized, truly growing even more into my MOST authentic self.

E”mpowered daily by everything and everyone around me; good, bad or indifferent. Seeing the light in the midst of darkness, seeing the sunshine in the midst of a storm, seeing the love and joy in the midst of pain. Living, laughing and loving every day, with everyone, in every way, throughout this wonderful gift of a life that I have been blessed with, because it truly is a GIFT.


Yvette D. Bennett-Writer/Director

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