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Happy Couple Highlight: Yvonne & Tiffany

Yvonne and Tiffany Harrison from New York, New York.

Yvonne is the pastor/founder of Restoration Temple Ministries and is a regional leader in an affirming denomination. Tiffany is the church administrator of RTM and serves faithfully with Yvonne. 

How long have you been together?  We have been together for 3 years, and married for 2.
How did you get together/meet? We met in the Lord’s Church!
What was the initial attraction?
Yvonne:  I was attracted to the Spirit of God on the resonated on the inside of her. God gives us discernment but many times we are attracted to things that do not have substance. We have been conditioned and raised to look on the outside. But the very moment I saw Tiffany, my spirit leaped and I felt connected to her. When you are in tuned to the Spirit, you know. My spirit was immediately connected to her spirit.

Tiffany: I was attracted to the way she carried herself and her bold love for God. When I met Yvonne, it was evident that she loved God. I saw the spirit of God in her. I had longed for a person who loved God and had a relationship with God. Meeting her was unexpected, but I embraced it. And, I am glad that I did.

What would you say is the key to the success of your relationship? Yvonne: We have strong communication, and we understand each other’s language. More importantly, Christ is at the center of our marriage. We are best friends, companions, prayer partners, soul mates.

Can you share more about understanding each other’s language?  
Yvonne: We all have a way of communicating, and I learned what worked for her. I learned what makes her happy and sad. There were things that I had to sacrifice and compromise on. I had to learn to be very patient and that I don’t always have to talk. Listening is the key and the operative word. By listening, I learned how to prevent augments. 
Tiffany: It really does help when you are equally yoked. I can say “let’s pray about it”, and that helps that we speak that same language. What's interesting is that your significant other's primary language may be completely different from yours. I’ve learned to recognize Yvonne's language and it has been key in avoiding mishaps and unnecessary arguments. We recognize the potential and we leave room for differences of opinions or judgment. I believe being equally yoked balances our languages which are both unique, but at the same time different.  

Why do you think partners stop being friends?: Yvonne:  I think partners miss the fact that there are different elements and components of people. People are not one dimensional; Tiffany is multi-dimensional. But, people fail to nurture the friendship, and they end up not being friends. It is important to date and meet for coffee. It is important that we talk as friends – and not discuss anything that has to do with the church or spirituality. We try to separate the elements – wife, friend, worker, aunt, pastor, etc. Tiffany is my security and I trust that what I tell her will be held in confidence. That’s a friend. Tiffany:  I believe there is a lack of cultivation and nurturing the aspect of the friendship in a relationship. If people neglect their responsibility as a friend then you've lost a critical part of what ultimately drew you together. More time needs to be invested in exploring the friendship, feeding the friendship and protecting the friendship.

Discuss how you deal with and face challenges that might come up in your relationship? 
Tiffany: We are very attentive to each other’s position on a particular matter. We agree to disagree. We improvise when necessary. We discuss the issue, listen to one other’s position and we decide what will be the best decision for us both. We pray together on a daily basis, and we ultimately seek God for His solution.

Yvonne: When dealing with challenges, many couples go outside of their relationship. The misconception is that somebody else has the solution. There are times when we disagree but then we pray for discernment. Instead of hearing from others, we first try to hear from God.  Tiffany: We have a room in our home and whatever we discuss in the room, we leave it there. We don’t take it to other rooms. Also, it is important not to rush to resolution; it’s ok to take your time to process stuff for yourself. If you don’t, you are utilizing someone else’s perspectives instead of your own. Yvonne: That’s why open-minded communication is so important. Be open with your individual feelings. You are an individual first.

What is the hardest challenge you have encountered as a couple? 
Tiffany: The hardest challenge is having a church because I have to ensure that I maintain balance between Yvonne my wife, and Pastor Harrison. To do that, we make sure we pray and communicate. Sometimes, we have to spend time away from the church too. 
Yvonne: The hardest challenge for me was being married and trying to start a family. We are both up in age, and the biggest challenge was trying not to be a pastor during the conception process. I wanted to be just another woman walking by her side during the process. I was able to let go of what always works for me and just be there for her. I wanted her to see me as a friend – not her minister, her pastor or her wife. I wanted her to see that I was someone who could face challenges and pain with her. Learning how to be her friend brought us closer together as women. I was able to sense every thought, emotion, etc. It was a challenge for me but I realized that sometimes she needed my presence, not a word. 
Tiffany: The hardest thing I have encountered is realizing her purpose, calling and destiny is far greater than the scope of our marriage. God joined us together so that I can lift and propel her to her destiny. The adjustment to her being in high demand was difficult and challenging. However, once God revealed what my purpose was in assisting her, while not losing my own identity, helped me to manage the trouble and turn it into an opportunity. 

As a pastor and as a leader in a major spiritual community, what role does spirituality play in your relationship? Yvonne: We are both equally vocal when it comes to spiritual significance. Within the Church, I am her Pastor. Outside of church, she is my Pastor. She keeps me spiritually focused; she makes sure I am spiritually prepared. I look to her for guidance. I always need for her to refill my cup when runs it empty from pouring out to others.

What does that mean to be her pastor?: I am the pastor and her shepherd. She is the congregant. She entrusted me as a wife, but also entrusted me with her soul. I am there to teach and disciple her. At home, she’s my pastor because every pastor needs a pastor. Tiffany is my wife and she is able to pour into me. She is there to give me encouragement because a being a pastor is a very lonely place. I am her pastor because of the level of accountability that she holds me to. But, she lets me know that I am Yvonne at home first.

Tiffany: I am always eager to pour back into her spiritually because she constantly pours out to the people of God. I look to her to guide me spiritually as my Pastor. However, I am responsible to give as much to her, as she gives to the people.  Even If you have been given an assignment, you must maintain your personal relationship with God.  I believe that before you lay hands on others, you have to make sure your own hands are clean first.

Tiffany, how do you deal with female parishioners who are inappropriate? There will always be people who come to church for the wrong reasons. Sometimes I feel that people get blinded because she is very friendly and generous. She has a pastor’s heart. I never feel threatened and I know that attacks are always there. But God protects us from many things. You will always have people who will try you but you have to learn to love them anyway.

What role does sensuality play in your relationship? 
Yvonne: Sensuality is extremely important. We realize that we are triune beings. We have to ensure that we live a well-balanced life. We are attentive to each other’s overall needs. It is a very integral part in the overall health of our relationship.

Some churches have difficulty connecting spirituality and sexuality. What is your perspective? Tiffany: Some pastors think that they are so deep and so close to God that they don’t believe that their spouses are important.  Some same-gender loving pastors have internal struggles dealing with what the Bible says. Their spouses actually become just companions and they don’t engage in sexual activity. 
Yvonne: Some Christians feel that sex is taboo. If sex is talked about in a way that is classy and healthy, it is ok. You first must be comfortable with who you are. Some struggle with internalized homophobia and that’s unfortunate. God wants us to be in good health and that means maintaining quality and healthy relationships. Old school people hid sex from us, but that part of a relationship is also important.

How do you keep romance in your relationship? 
Yvonne: God has naturally created us with feelings, sex drives and the need for intimacy. God created us to satisfy those desires. We are very romantic – we have candlelight dinners, go out to eat, etc. We do little things too – we text creative, private and personal messages to each other. I believe that intimacy is not just sex. It is what leads up to the sex. I want Tiffany to always know that I think that she is sexy, beautiful, etc. We try to remain intimate to keep the flames going. 
Tiffany: It is absolutely important to have romance in your relationships. It makes the marriage healthy and it helps to feel loved. Yvonne brings me flowers, edible arrangements and draws my bath. In our relationship, we both do for each other. There is no role-playing.

What advice would you give to other couples? 
Yvonne: Each individual should be his or her own individual. Develop a vision for your relationship. Attempt to answer the question “Why did God put you together?” What is your responsibility to the community? The world? The Church? Make sure you define your own purpose, and destiny. Make sure to define what God expects from the relationship. Always remain open, honest and transparent with one another.

Why do you think transparency such an issue in love? 
Yvonne: A lot of us have been so hurt, so disrespected that our current partners are receiving the backlash. Some relationships could last if people were totally healed from the prior relationships. If we spent time healing from the scars, pains and wounds, our relationships could survive. Sometimes we approach people with our guards up; sometimes we push people away. We don’t take the time to ask “who am I” and “what are my weaknesses”. Tiffany: You can’t be afraid of what your spouse will think of you. You can not be afraid of their response. People are afraid to be transparent because they don’t want to look weak or scared. They are scared that their partner will point out a character flaw. To be transparent, you can not be afraid of losing that, you got to be honest.

What did you have to learn to be successful in your relationship? 
Tiffany: I had to learn to be submissive. In my past relationships I was always very independent. I am the oldest of five children, and I always had to take the initiative. I was used to doing things on my own. I had to learn that I didn’t always have to be in control. I understand that Yvonne is the pastor, and I trust her because I know that she trusts God. Being that she follows God, it is easy to be more submissive. As long as she is accountable to God, I can go along with her. But there are times when I have to ask God to help me. I ask God to help me be patient and help me with things that I don’t understand.

Yvonne: I had to learn that finding someone who loved God more than they loved me was important.  My other relationships were difficult because of that. I had to learn how to love unconditionally. Unconditional love is what God requires, and that is what I have with Tiffany. I also had to learn to let go. What I have learned about partnerships is that God will send someone to cover your weaknesses so it was important for me to value her voice, place, etc. It is important that I respect her ability and give her opportunity to walk in her power. Her discernment is important to me, and I value and trust her. I know that she will say the right things and I appreciate that.

What has your relationship taught you most about yourself?
Yvonne: That I was unaware of true love. I really didn’t believe that someone could love “more” than I love. My relationship has taught me that I was afraid of “real” love. God had to reveal to me that it was okay to be loved unconditionally.

Tiffany: That I am equipped for the gift that God has given me in Yvonne.
What does “equipped” mean to you? I didn’t just marry Yvonne.  I married Yvonne, the minister who has a ministry and a responsibility to God’s people. God really equipped me for this because I have been in the church for so long. I understand that this a whole lot bigger than I thought. I sometimes ask myself the question, “am I equipped for this?” But, I know that God has equipped me and to God be the glory!

What one word describes/characterizes your relationship? 
Yvonne: Fruitful! Every marriage should glorify God, because every marriage is a ministry. When you have authentic relationship, and are open an honest, the relationship will be healthy. And when the relationship is healthy, it allows growth. I always ask myself “What can God get from this?” because if a relationship can enhance or help, it is worthy. I recognize that Tiffany and I are role models and we know that people are coming behind us and watching us. I don’t want same-gender relationships to become statistics so I understand that Tiffany and I are on assignment. We want to change perceptions about same-sex relationships, so we have to be public.

Tiffany: Spiritual! God is the head and if God wasn’t part of our marriage, there would be no marriage. We have different personalities and characteristics, but we know that God is a part of it. If God wasn’t a part of it, we would not have seen each other. This is the best relationship that I have been it. I have the most fun, feel the most loved, and give the most love. We are built for each other. It is not always easy, but God works on our behalf. It is definitely a ministry and I feel blessed.

You can also find Tiffany and Yvonne at:
Restoration Temple Ministries:
 Look for Yvonne’s soon to be released book: The Pain, The Process & The Promise
Interviewed by SharRon Jamison

We thank you for your participation.
Nya Akoma!
Imani Evans, Create Love / Founder
SharRon Jamison, Create Love / Co-Founder

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Create Love Conference Videos...SO MUCH LOVE!

It is an ineffable appreciation that we feel for your support and love in helping us make this day a reality and a huge SUCCESS. We simply could not have done it without you.  We are honored, humbled and immensely grateful.  We hope to see each of you again next year when we will do it again with class, elegance and most of all--LOVE!

Imani Evans & SharRon Jamison


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Vendors & Marketplace Just For You 2/16/13

We are very excited to highlight our Create Love Conference marketplace vendors for 2013.  They will be at the conference in the marketplace with the vendors.  Be sure to stop by their booths to get more information and support our community business owners.

We will see you at the conference! 
Imani Evans & SharRon Jamison 
Call for more information: 404.944.6409
February 16, 2013 * 9am - 4:30 pm
Downtown Decatur Marriott Hotel
130 Clairemont Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030

Marketplace Vendors
Jus-So Catering (Gold Sponsor)
GoodDay Greetings (Gold Sponsor)
Elite Jewels (Gold Sponsor)
Jean Diva Travel (Gold Sponsor)
AJC Photography (Community Partner)
Women Healing Women (Community Partner)
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How SharRon Jamison learned to speak with her true voice is a complex lesson in itself.  She discusses her childhood and her young adulthood with emotional precision.  In time, readers can see that her spirit is a gift, one that has been fashioned by problems, by many instances of pain and transformed into grace and a well-adjusted outlook on life. Jamison did this mainly by using her intellect, by admitting to her problems and facing her challenges courageously. She has clearly identified the sources, the causes and the effects of her pain and offers solutions.  With God’s influence in her life, all these elements bind and identify the book as one that can achieve true change in its readers.
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Doctor Passion offers variety of services:  Passion Parties – Get your girls together and enjoy and educational but fun presentation on how to keep it spicy in the bedroom. Then end the evening with making a confidential purchase of intimacy products to create a memorable experience with your partner.  Private Consultations – Doctor Passion offers individual and one-on-one couple consultations. Is the intimacy not where you would like it to be? Doctor Passion can sit with you and/or your partner and discuss how your relationship can improve.
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Stephanie Spieth
Beijo Bags Executive Consultant

Bev's Bow Ties
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Happy Single Highlight: Janice R. Johnson

Janice R. Johnson

Astrological Sign: Gemini
Where are you from: I claim Montgomery, AL.  I was born in Texas but I moved around a lot because my father was in the Air Force. We eventually settled in Montgomery when I was in the 9th grade, so I call Montgomery home.

You were also in the Air Force. How long did you serve in active duty? I was in the Air Force for 20 years, 5 months and 20 days, and retired as a senior officer. I joined the ROTC while I was a student at Tuskegee University, and following graduation, I entered the Air Force as an officer. I was a biology major and my original dream was to be a podiatrist. Somewhere between my sophomore and junior year, I decided I wanted to pursue the Air Force route and forego medical school – my parents were not initially too happy about that decision.  The Air Force was a huge part of my life, so the decision felt right. In the Air Force, I grew even more as a leader.  I never got consumed with being an officer. My leadership style was that I would pull up my sleeves and work along with the team.  I would often say “you work with me and not for me.”

I loved that you said working “with” and not worked “for”: Yes, I believe that people follow people that they trust so I was always a team player even when I was in charge. I always rolled up my sleeves and worked beside the people I managed. When I was on active duty, my leadership philosophy was based on what I called the CARE principle – Communication, Accountability, Responsibility and Enthusiasm. My motto is “I Work Hard and I Play Hard”. Whatever I do, I always give a 100%.

Since you are accustomed to being the leader, how has that affected your relationships? It’s tough. I am a problem-solver and I like to execute. But sometimes people just want to talk, but when they do, I sometimes see it as a mission to do something, to execute, to fix it (whatever it is). I tend to do things too quickly; I am quick to jump into action. For example, in a previous relationship, when my partner would mention something, I would quickly jump to start putting things in motion. I thought I was helping, but she said “Janice, you are doing too much”.

What were the hardest relationship lessons you had to learn?   2 things--1) I had to learn to pause and then re-visit the situation vs. just jumping into action so quickly. I’m working on that. I need to be clear on what is needed  vs. when someone is just talking/brainstorming.  I have to learn to make sure I understand what is the right deliverable. I know that I am a communicator, but I am learning to just listen more  and 2) People do what they really want to do.

What did you have to unlearn in your previous relationships? I had to unlearn that I am not always in charge. Honestly, there is a lot of pressure in being charge. When things are not happening, I kick in with a plan because I don’t like to live haphazardly.

Why is planning so important to you: I don’t like not knowing. I prefer to know what I am doing next. I prefer not to wonder what’s going to happen or have to figure it out what is happening at the last minute. I like to travel, I love to go to various types of restaurants and I like to do things with my partner and family.  So after a few times of asking a person “what do you want to do”, I will make a plan and sometimes that affects my relationships. Some women like it, but others become annoyed by it.

Besides being a leader, how would you describe yourself: I am compassionate, charismatic and extremely caring. I am a loving mother, an IT professional and an entrepreneur. I am also a great friend. I am very approachable and people usually say that I am funnyJ.

Janice, describe your ideal women? First, she is a God-fearing woman. She doesn’t have to be in church 24/7 or trying to save me every few minutes, but she needs to have a spiritual base. There has to be somebody that she can go to before she comes to me.

I want her to be a great communicator, self-motivated, a go-getter and a lady of integrity.   I want to know that she is a person who will do the right thing when no one is looking. I prefer attractive feminine women.  What is attractive to me?  I like women who are pleasing to my eyes.  For me, that means a great personality and a caring spirit--absolutely beautiful from the inside then out.  The outside is great, but I can love the inside of a person more.

She must be sensual, and to me, is not always about being sexual. Intimacy is important. For example, standing very close to me when I am cooking us dinner, brushing up against my face when I am in the kitchen is sensual to me. You know, those “touchy feely things”. I want to feel that she is attracted to me. I really love and need that.

It is also very important to me that I know she has my back. I definitely will reciprocate. 

No Matter What?  I learned that when I was reading a book to my son. It was a book where a mother tells her son that she will always love him “no matter what”. She tells him that over and over again, and that is how I am. When I am in love, it’s no matter what – good or challenging unless it becomes unhealthy.

As a single Mom, I found dating to be somewhat problematic. What has been your experience? Dating is a challenge, but I always provide information up front. I always announce that I am a package deal so people have the option to stay or to go.  I love being a Mom, and  I always wanted to be a Mom.  That is  why I adopted my son.  He has been with me since he was 2-days old.  It is important that a woman  understands that about me.

In addition to being a Mom, IT Project Manager, you also are an entrepreneur. When did you start Jus So Catering?  I started Jus So Catering in March 2008. During my last two years of active duty, I went to culinary school because my vision is to own a Wine Bistro. I want it to be something eclectic, something inviting. Jus So Catering is a good stepping stone toward that vision. I have catered parties, weddings, receptions, open houses, private dinners and other major events. Jus So is also one of the preferred caterers for several major organizations in the area.   We not only cater, but we also do event planning. We can assist with every need of an event. Wonderful things are happening at Jus So, and I am excited to see what is in store for us in 2013.

You have been and continue to be so successful. What is your proudest moment?   My proudest moment is when I first picked up my son at the hospital when he was two days old. I was so nervous that I could not even get his clothes on him. But I knew that I wanted to do the right thing by him. That is when all that officer stuff went out of the window. At that moment, I felt proud and blessed because I was his mom.

What do you want your legacy to be? I want to be remembered as a great Mom, a great person and a great mentor. Ultimately, I want to be remembered as the saying goes…”just good people”.

What advice would you give to other single women? 3 things…1) Be patient--take time to learn yourself so you can receive someone, 2) Be true to yourself and 3) Enjoy YOUR life…life goes on. One of my favorite quotes is by Robert Frost--“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.”

Jus So Catering is one of the proud sponsors of the CREATE LOVE Conference.  Jus So Catering  will be providing samples from their delectable menu during the conference. Remember to visit Jus So Catering at the conference and meet their beautiful owner, Janice!  
(Interview conducted and written by SharRon Jamison)

We are grateful to Janice, of Jus-So Catering, for sharing her amazing story with us at Create Love for Women Who Love Women! We will see you at the Create Love Conference on February 16th!

Imani Evans, MA
Create Love! For Women Who Love Women
(CEO/Founder of Women Healing Women, Inc.)

SharRon Jamison, MBA
Create Love! For Women Who Love Women

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Create Love Conference Sponsors 2013

We are delighted to highlight our Create Love Conference Sponsors for 2013.  They will be at the conference in the marketplace with the vendors.  Be sure to stop by their booths to get more information and support our community business owners.

We will see you at the conference! 
Imani Evans & SharRon Jamison

No one will take care of you like Jean Diva Travel—period. We are accountable to each and every customer/group and keep our promise to ensure you are satisfied. Jean Diva Travel offers vacation packages on six continents and hundreds of itineraries, no matter where on the globe you want to travel, we have something for you. Jean Diva Travel takes extra care to select hotels and cruises to ensuring a top-notch experience. At Jean Diva Travel, you can choose from fast-paced itineraries that cover a lot of ground, or slower, more leisurely vacations, where you might overnight in one place for several nights. We also specialize in the following: Spa Packages, Girls/Guys Get-A-Ways, Family Reunions, Wedding Excursions, Romantic Weekend Trips and Football Packages. Call us today to get your plans started!

Jus-So is one of the preferred caters for the Georgia State University Women's Basketball Team and Front and Center Production Theater. 

They are a full service professional consulting, catering, and event planning organization specializing in custom designed events including weddings, corporate functions, private dinners, fundraisers, open houses, cocktail receptions, theme parties, and much more.  They are licensed, insured and have membership with the National Association of Catering Executives (NACE).

They offer a variety of delectable food to include vegetarian options and other special dietary requirements at a surprisingly moderate price.

Janice R. Johnson
Jus-So Event Planning and Catering
P.O. Box 424
Marietta, GA 30061-0424
Office: 770.296.8909​
Fax: 404.521.4333

GoodDay Greetings
Arneece says….GoodDay Greetings is a new company I started in 2011 that provides LGBT greeting card solutions to independent store owners, specialty chains, and other retail outlets in North America and beyond. I always loved buying greetings cards for ever occasion such as, birthdays, anniversaries and even I'm sorry. Yet I hated walking into local stores and not being able to find a card that fit me. The words were on point as well as the artwork, yet something was missing. There were no cards the reflected the LGBT community and therefore GoodDay Greeting was created. 

The mission of the company is to enrich same-sex relationships by acknowledging the many diverse identities and personalities of the LGBT community. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and aspires to be the leader in greeting cards for all persons who self-identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. So please enjoy GoodDay Greetings your LGBT greeting card solution.

Arneece M
Founder & CEO
GoodDay Greetings, LLC

At Elite Jewels we provide custom made jewelry to our clients!  We strive to provide professionalism and quality customer services.

If you've been looking for a unique accessory or something fantastic that sets you apart from the mainstream, look no further. We aim to make every customer feel special, so please let us know what we can do to make your experience more pleasurable.
Tiona Harris Byrd and Lakisha Harri
Atlanta, GA 30345
Phone: 954-258-1422
Mon-Sat from 10am-7pm


AJC Photography
AJCphotography is focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction.

Nothing captures all the special moments in your life like photographs. And with the option to have photographs taken in your home or on-location, you're sure to have a unique photo with every session.  At AJCphotography, you can count on us to take beautiful photos of all the occasions you'll want to re-live time and time again as well as all the professional photos you need. My desire is to make your photo shoot as fun and relaxed as possible.

P.O. BOX 80332

Conyers, GA 30013