Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Create Love Marketplace 2014

 Nicole Varner started her company, UrbanBytes, as a way to still the moments and motions of every day life.  The lens through which she views the world is both polished and raw, commanding and subtle.  Raised in the south, Nicole has an appreciation for tradition, beauty and roots.  As she began to hone her craft, she took notice of the muting of individualism, uniqueness and inherent differences in everyday people, particularly as it related to ethnic minorities and the LGBTQ community.  She saw how beauty and truth in differences were being hidden and often ignored. Photography became her way to give voice and validation to those typically dismissed or prejudged.  Be it people, structures or nature, she sees authenticity in it all.  Nicole enjoys creating a space for families and friends to capture milestones as well as strangers whose nuances would typically go unnoticed.  She pinpoints those moments through the camera lens and gives an interpretation that is uniquely her own.

Company Name: UrbanBytes Photography

http://drannisemabry.comAfter 15 years in both K-12 and higher education, I decided to merge my passion for teaching with my own experiences in struggling to find an educational fit for our family and become an educational advice consultant.  Most people see the homeschool advice site and think it is K-12 only but it isn't.  For the last decade, I have coached and advised graduate students thought the often uncharted waters of how to survive the graduate school experience.  Graduate school is the most expensive self-investment that most people make and while they do great in the coursework, the challenge comes with writing the dissertation or graduate thesis. is not just a homeschool advice site but a one stop education shop.

Homeschool Advice and Dissertation Coaching 
with Dr. Annise Mabry
404.493.2843 was birthed from the love and passion of women’s footwear by Wendy Smith.  Wendy’s passion for women’s shoes ignited early on in childhood. Her fascination for stilettos often led her to playing dress up as a child. Wendy launched Joln’a Shoes (named after her big sister) in 2003.  She held shoe parties for friends and church members. The company grew through word of mouth. As the years progressed so did the company and it’s concepts, giving birth to The world wide web changed things slightly. The parties were and still are a hit but in this world of technology people began requiring a website, not just an informational website but a site where shoes could be purchased. While the shoe parties are still a hit, the company also hosts footwear trunk shows with area boutiques, salons, and event centers. What makes different is that a portion of proceeds from every shoe sold is donated to a not for profit organization. Every month a new organization is chosen. Want to raise money for your non profit organization? Book a Diva Party and earn cash for your non profit.

Diva Services
For over 40 years, Olivia, THE travel company for lesbians, has taken over 200,000 women on cruise, resort, riverboat and adventure vacations around the world. Olivia always charters the entire ship or buys out the whole resort to provide a safe space for women to be out and feel free to be themselves.  Women of every ethnicity, nationality, age, ability, relationship status and profession travel with Olivia for a once-in-a-lifetime experience – to have an all-woman, all-lesbian vacation. Whether it’s an intimate riverboat cruise to Switzerland and Amsterdam, an African Safari adventure, an all-inclusive resort vacation to Puerto Vallarta, or a cruise with 1,900 lesbians to Australia and New Zealand, you are sure to find a vacation that is a perfect fit. For more information about Olivia, please visit, call 800-631-6277 or 415-962-5700 or email
434 brannan street
san Francisco, ca 94107
p. 415.962.5674
f. 415.962-5710 

SNGI Designs is a design company that caters to the androgynous female. We specialize in custom clothing with that classic man’s look but tailored to fit a women’s body. Using unconventional materials such as upholstery fabrics gives SNGI Designs a look like no other. Some graphic prints in upholstery fabrics can offer a bold touch to any garment. We also create unique accessories such as hats, scarfs, gloves, and satchel bags plus we can alter garments to better fit your body. Many times clients come to us with their own designs and ideas of what they want and we bring it to life for them. We create anything from casual clothing to dress attire. SNGI Designs is constantly evolving to address the needs and desires of that strong, sharp female who knows what she wants in a garment. 


www.hbfitpower.comwww.hbfitpower.comHealthy Beginnings was born out of my own struggle with health and weight during my adult life. After many years of struggle, I was able to lose 62 pounds but more importantly dramatically improve my overall health and wellness. Eating clean and staying active are part of my daily life now. I went back to school to learn how to properly and safely assist others on their journey.

What makes me different? My business is 100% mobile. I will come to your home or we can work outdoors to complete your customized training programs. Working out alone can be a challenge. Here’s what I do: I make working out fun, safe and goal specific. Your goals become my goals.

I have worked as a human resource generalist for the past 10+ years. Much of that time has been spent working with people to meet their greatest potential. Moving into wellness is just an extension of that experience.

Stop by the Healthy Beginnings table to see the special offer just for participants of the CreateLove Conference.'s products also provide natural aid in skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as anti-aging benefits to the body.  These products are not only naturally therapeutic but also leave the skin unbelievably soft and bathed in fragrant bliss  All of our products are handmade in small batches at the time .of order to insure the freshest product possible.    

Taking the time to caress your spirit and body with each fragrant concoction will cause you to love your peaceful state of mind and silky smooth skin.  It’s time to indulge in a personal happy hour with MissShe’s Body Cocktails.

Her Mission

MissShe is dedicated to offer fresh, high end, quality products made from natural ingredientsat an affordable price to pamper and comfort the spirit and body.  We strive to offer products tomake our customers feel good inside and out.

Baskets & Gifts
Holiday Specials
Spa & Bath
Hair Products

MissShe LLC
3695 Cascade Rd., S.W.
Suite 2232
Atlanta, GA 30331
Phone: (404) 918-0145

Dr. Tosha Meredith Foundation
Dr. Tosha Meredith
FB: Tosha.Meredith
Twitter: @DrToshaMeredith
Instagram: @DrTMeredith 

Dining Out With A Purpose (DOWAP): A dining club that gathers bi-monthly to dine in support of a charitable organization. We have participating restaurants that will donate 20% of your food and/or drink bill to the charity organization for that month. We encourage you to join us to support our communities through a dining experience.