Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Congratulations to Benny Ingram for becoming a PLATINUM SPONSOR

Daddi’s LLC, a US based, veteran owned adult gift and erotic toy company, includes the brands daddistoystore.comdaddisfavoritetoys.com, and daddistreasures.com. Daddi's Toys started as an advice blog that quickly built a reputation as a trusted and reliable source of information for where to buy the best adult products.

“I have always wanted to be a business owner but I never quite knew what I wanted to sell. One day, my partner and I were talking about products that were recession proof and she jokingly said ‘Honey, sell what you know. You know sex toys so let’s sell them!".  We did a few marketing feasibility studies, looked at several distribution options and opened our first store—DaddisToyStore.com on December 26, 2013.  "We wanted to time our opening after the holidays so that we would have the ability to offer holiday clearance prices on what I call 'staple items' " said CEO Benny Ingram.

In addition to opening Daddi's Toy Store, Ingram also relaunched her popular advice blog from AOL and MySpace as Daddi's Favorite Toys http://daddisfavoritetoys.wordpress.com.  "I never considered myself a blogger until my partner was looking through some of my old files and commented that I had a large following.  It was her foresight that encouraged me to link my advice blog with the online store.  In the past, when I wrote about or commented on sex products, I always gave people links to other sites to purchase the product.  Now, I can not only give them a link to the product but I can also offer discounts and deals on the product" said Ingram with a hearty laugh.

To celebrate the Create Love conference and the launch of Daddisfavoritetoys.com, use the coupon code ADDKINK for 20% off your total order at daddisfavoritetoys.com.

Daddystoystore.com and Jus-So Catering are official sponsors of the 2nd Annual Create Love Conference

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