Saturday, November 29, 2014

10 Days of Gratitude: Day 6 - I get it…I finally get it; this human experience By Sandra Valls

This human experience is hard, lovely, lonely, beautiful, painful, joyful, magnificent, breathtaking, devastating, challenging, healing, unpredictable, peaceful, chaotic, unfair, divine, scary, magical, wonderful, awful, frustrating, kind, sweet, enlightening, blissful, painful, amazing, happy…….

It’s trusting to be led and having the strength to lead.
It’s gathering the shards of your broken heart and mending it together again and again….and dammit really? …yet again. Then it’s being brave enough to gift it to that beautiful, worthy one with outstretched arms.

It’s attracting and welcoming kindness.
It’s letting fear and joy pour from your eyes.
It’s shedding the old and making room for new.
It’s purging dark and reveling in the light.
It’s learning to be open while still shielding yourself.
It’s scraping, crawling, walking, running, flying.
It’s embracing your calling.
It’s accepting yourself...learning to love yourself just as you are.
It’s touching, hearing, breathing, tasting.
It’s mastering balance.
It’s letting your soul speak through creativity.
It’s being vulnerable enough to feel….really feel.
It’s running through the woods, swimming in the ocean, dancing in the rain, curling in your bed.
It’s laughing from the gut.
It’s one day at a time.
It’s losing control to a piece of music.
It’s losing and finding yourself in a lover.
It’s letting someone see you. See. You.
It’s waiting for the one and then finding out it’s you all along.
It’s conquering your fears.
It’s proving yourself.
It’s all ages.
It’s all genders.
But through all this…it’s a shared experience. It’s a shared journey. We are here to heal each other, help each other, guide each other towards our growth…our mission in life. We are all beautiful and scared and lovable and WORTHY. Ase. And as I write, I’m lost in a piece of music…this piece of music that has followed me for over 20 years. A beautiful reminder. It has again escaped the speaker, danced through the air, penetrated my big, beautiful, fragile heart, and pushed out the fear that is now flowing freely down my cheeks.

And through it all, I am grateful. Grateful that I am alive to feel and live all of this. Grateful that I get to create more or less, sooner or later. Grateful that I chose to be born. Grateful for my mission. Most of all, Grateful for the awareness that I must be grateful. I am grateful for even the things some people take for granted. I say grace not just for a meal but for a cup of water…a cup of coffee…even a snack. There was a time in my life when I couldn’t afford even a little bag of chips. Maybe it took that for me to awaken to the ‘little’ things the Universe provides. I make it a point to stop, notice and thank the universe for any and everything. Thanking the most high with outstretched arms today for all my blessings…all of them. I want to feel all….I receive…everything my glorious life has to offer.  Bring it. I am ready. Ase.

Sandra Valls  is a brash, high energy, smart, outrageously funny, Latina comic… and then some! Voted by Latina Magazine as one of the Top 33 Bad Ass Comics with Latin Roots, Sandra performs to standing room only, sold out comedy shows all over the country. She’ll make you laugh till your face hurts with her frank, no holds barred comedic genius!

Sandra Valls is also an actor, singer (go to videos for a taste) and a published author. Pick up your copy of Out of the Edge:America’s Rebel Comics. A funny and illuminating piece about what it’s like to be a lesbian and a woman of color in the comedy world.

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