Monday, December 2, 2013

10 Days of Gratitude: Day 9 - By Seleeda Bell Grantum

A love letter to my parents…
By Seleeda Bell Grantum

The many times the words would not come,
When I had the chance to say them out loud,
How I wish they could hear the words now,
Willingly escaping from my lips,
With arms drawn and tears flowing.


Reflections of how they put up with my search,
I reminiscence the strict rules I fought against,
Appreciating the discipline after
Succumbing to the wiles of peer pressure,
The bad decisions I made.


I may not have turned out as they planned;
A gay woman,
A single parent,
A militant to the woes of society,
I know they would be proud of me,
Thankful how they taught me to be responsible,


Oh! I think back on the questions I asked,
The answers I never received -
Clearly trying to protect me, soothe me, relish me,
The songs we shared,
The many trips to the South,
Jumping double-dutch and riding bikes.


I think about Sunday mornings,
The long prayers before breakfast,
The fancy hats,
The cute dresses with lace and bows,
The little white gloves and patent leather shoes,
I complained,
Didn’t want to go,
Made excuses to stay home,
I was given no choice,
Which now I’m thankful of.


Oh, the laughter!
Living in the house was often comical;
I entertained them with songs and dances,
Telling silly jokes,
Imitating people, and
Eating cereal with peaches late at night.


Evening drives to the park to watch the ducks,
While I ate an ice cream cone,
Family cookouts and holiday dinners,
Teaching me to sew, cook, and hang curtains,
Preparing me for my future,
Preparing me to run a house.


Purchasing my first car,
Teaching me to drive,
Rescuing me when I ran out of gas,
Staying in contact when I traveled long distance,
Sharing my adventures,
Always being there when I needed them.


Never again will I feel that parental love,
I only had one chance
To experience the warmth, closeness, loyalty
From the ones who brought me here,
Nurtured me,
Prepared me,
Loved me.


Seleeda Belll Grantum is a Contributing Project Management Professor at Walden University, and also teaches as an adjunct professor for several colleges and universities. Her current research focus is in e-learning and developing online professional development training. She is working on a Doctorate of Business Administration in Management, and has earned a Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership, MBA, BS in Organizational Management & Development, and a BA in Biblical Education. She holds certification in Acidified Foods from the FDA, QM Certified Peer Reviewer from Quality Matters, Teaching in the Virtual Classroom from Fielding Graduate University, Online Teaching Certification from the Commonwealth of VA Community Colleges, and Principles of Real Estate from the Commonwealth of Virginia.
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  1. Gratitude...Seleeda, you have given a very lovely salutation and you have given a part of yourself to show us all your loving connection with your parents, a true treasure not all of us have a pleasure to be a part of. I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart my friend!

  2. Greetings, Seleeda!

    How absolutely beautiful! For a moment there, I could have slipped behind your smile and held your pen, poised above the paper, or your fingers above the laptop's keys, and been you! The poem is suffused with love...and of course...gratitude!

    Thank you!