Saturday, November 30, 2013

10 Days of Gratitude: Day 7 - By Reverend Maressa Pendermon

GRATITUDE: What It Means To Me
Reverend Maressa Pendermon. JD, MDIV 

When I was growing up, I was taught by my elders to always be grateful for what I had, because there were always others who did not have as much I had. It was an important lesson for my young mind and spirit to learn; and I am indeed grateful for my teachers. However, as I reflect on what gratitude means to me in 2013; I realize that today, as a spiritual grown-up, my sense of gratitude does not come from taking inventory of my possessions, though I appreciate all that I have. It also does not come from comparing me to others that I have decided are less fortunate than I based on my definition of fortune.  The gratitude that I feel today comes from a deep knowing that I am an essential part of a creation story that continues to be written; and thus what I do in the world matters and ultimately impacts all beings. It comes from a blessed assurance that the Power of the Universe lovingly awakens me each morning by calling me by name (Not, by title!) and gives me another opportunity to live into Love however I choose to. It comes from my daily spiritual practice of giving thanks, not just for good times and good things, but for the journey itself. 

Gratitude means everything to me! It is the constant feeling I have from living a lifestyle of Thanksgiving; and because its roots within me run deep, it usually trumps the less desirable feelings I have. It is because I am grateful that I make a choice daily to defy diagnoses of clinical depression and post traumatic stress disorder. It is because I am grateful that I am able to think critically and display some intellectual prowess despite living with a form of epilepsy that those practicing medicine say should lessen my intellectual capacity. It is because I am grateful that I spend very little time trying to avoid death, but instead choose daily to live fearlessly. Gratitude means everything to me! 

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